Order Return/Cancel

We understand that certain circumstances may arise in which a client may wish to cancel their order. Therefore we offer you the option of canceling your order if doing so falls within our cancellation guidelines.

Resignation of printed products can be arranged before your order has reached the “Printing Process” stage. Clients will be informed by E-mail their order status whenever a change in the status of their order occurs. You can also check the status of your order by logging into your customer account. Any order cancellations/resignations are subject to a 10% administration fee. All funds in regards to order cancellations/resignations (less 10% administration fee) will be returned to the customer within seven business days from the day of cancellation/resignation. The method in which funds will be returned will be arranged by telephone or e-mail.

Resignation of graphic design project can only be completed if your order status is “order received”. Resignation of graphic design projects includes 10% of the order price as an administration fee so long as your order status is “order received”. The cost of the order minus the 10% administration fee will be refunded to the customer within 7 business days. The method in which funds will be returned will be arranged via telephone or e-mail. If your order reaches the “Waiting for project” status or higher-or your order is in the process of completion, any and all costs to the client can not be refunded. (Example: A client makes an order that takes 3 days to complete in which they require us to use designs/materials provided by them, but the materials/designs are never received by us before the deadline. Therefore the order can not be refunded on the basis that it did not meet the deadline.)


The above listed does not apply to cases where it is our companies fault or the client is not satisfied with the results.